What Is Important To Know About SEO In 2021? Semalt Gives The Answer

SEO is an area that seems at first glance unchanged for many years: maintaining quality content, building links, optimizing the display pages of the search results pages, ensuring a good user experience and activity in complementary channels - all of which have always been considered useful tips for improving the presence of the site's pages in the search results pages.

At the same time, the year 2021 brings several new lines in the world of SEO and search engine optimization, which all SEO agencies and freelance SEO professionals should know about. In this article we will review 10 old trends that have come back into fashion and are central to SEO projects in 2021:

The three metrics in the user experience domain

In 2021, the use of three metrics in the field of user experience came into force, in which Google uses the evaluation of the quality of the user experience of various sites. These three metrics are called Core Web Vitals and are, as mentioned, composed of the following sub-metrics:

LCP Index 

This is an index whose function is to track the length of time that elapses from the moment a user has requested to load a particular page in the browser until the largest object is loaded on the screen. Three types of results were determined for this index: a charging time of less than two and a half seconds is considered good, a charging time of up to 4 seconds is considered medium and above that, the charging time is considered bad.

The importance of using this index is great, as webmasters who want to improve this index can make decisions in the form of giving up an unnecessary image, unnecessary video or any other object that does not contribute much to the user, but whose implementation on the site may impair the browsing experience.

FID Index

This index tracks the length of time that elapses from the moment a particular page on the site is requested by the browser until it is possible for the surfer to interact with any of the objects embedded in the uploaded page. Here, too, this index refers to three areas: a duration of 100 milliseconds or less, until this interactivity is possible, is considered qualitative. A duration of up to 300 milliseconds is considered mediocre, and a duration of more than that produces a bad browsing experience for the user.

The idea behind this index is to allow sites to efficiently load the various pages, giving up unnecessary labels and background scripts whose importance is not really great.

CLS Index 

This is an index that refers to the display stability of the page loaded after loading. We are all familiar with this phenomenon where we think the page has finished loading, send our finger to press a particular button on the page, and find that at the last second the screen moves and we actually clicked another button. This is a not very high-quality browsing experience offered to the surfer, and the role of this index is to make sure that website owners will improve the experience offered to the surfer.

Consider the BERT update

Google has significantly improved not only its ability to find pages with content that may help the user, but also its understanding of the user's search intent. One of the major challenges in ranking search results returned to the surfer is to understand what, in fact, that surfer who uses the search engine, expects to get: Does one want to get a list of items? Is he/she interested in getting an information tab accompanied by a photo? Maybe a short and quality video will give him/her the best answer? What about a direct number that will be displayed to the surfer at the zero result location?

The BERT update to the world's largest search engine is designed to improve precisely this search engine's ability, through an advanced machine learning engine, which learns the level of user satisfaction from other results returned to them and adjusts its ranking algorithm accordingly.

Conducting quality keyword research

Quality keyword research has always been an important part of any SEO project. But in 2021, according to various studies conducted around the world, about half of all searches do not lead users to click on any of the search results. One of the reasons for this is the richness of the views provided to the users, thanks to which they can get a quality answer already on the search results page. In 2021, a professional SEO project should take into account the keywords that do not necessarily lead to clicks from the search results and focus the promotion efforts specifically on other keywords.

So, how do you go about getting keywords that reflect the intent of the user? It is very simple!

With an SEO tool that is well versed in this task such as the Dedicated SEO Dashboard, you can achieve this in no time. Indeed, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is an SEO tool that allows you to easily find highly relevant keywords. This tool developed by Semalt Experts introduces a revolution in terms of keyword research.

Its biggest innovation is that it can show you the exact position of your website in the Google SERP as well as the TOP pages and the keywords they rank for. In addition, this tool has a competitor analysis feature that allows you to know the main competitors in the niche you are searching for, check their traffic-generating keywords, and get an idea of their promotion strategy.

How do I get the Dedicated SEO Dashboard?

All you need to do is to subscribe to one of the existing subscription types. Please note that Semalt offers a 14-day free trial period. During this period, all the features included in the Standard package will be made available to you. This will allow you to appreciate the performance of the tool before making a financial commitment.

So, don't hesitate to get started on your free trial today. 

Always focus on original content

One of the foundations of any SEO project is of course quality and original content. But in 2021, the amount of quality content embedded in various sites has become very large. This means, in practice, that even with original content, it will be difficult for you to stand out.

The solution to this is to try and innovate not only for readers but also for Google. Write content or create content in other formats that review the topic from a different angle, that provide a different user experience, that significantly facilitates the ability to consume the content.

Working on voice search

In 2021, voice search is expected to gain momentum in the world's largest search engine. The fact that almost every person today is equipped with an advanced mobile device, which he / she carries everywhere, and the fact that people need to perform different searches even when they are in situations that do not allow them to type, such as while driving or while cooking, make voice search particularly attractive.

Optimizing the site for voice searches should take into account that this is a completely different way of searching for information. The search itself is also performed in spoken language and therefore contains different keywords, and the manner of use is different: long and tedious articles will be less relevant in this case, and short, high-quality answers will be more.

Video marketing is also an important factor 

Video is becoming an increasingly popular content configuration, which is reflected not only in dedicated platforms like YouTube, but also in various search engines such as Google. This is because in many cases, quality video is the piece of content that can provide the highest quality response to a query executed by a customer.

In 2021, quality videos get a central stage in the search engines, when they are relevant to the query performed by the surfer. Therefore, the production and assimilation of quality videos, with various markings on the timeline, subtitles and quality sound - is a winning recipe to stand out in the search results.

Rich Search Engine views

More and more queries return in 2021 with rich results in search results pages. Rich results can include tables, product carousels, graphs, direct answers, and many other different structures of structured information, which provides surfers with a lot of quality information in a convenient and simple way.

One of the main advantages for Google in using rich results is that they leave the surfer in the search engine for longer, and also allow him/her to discover new content, not just on his / her own initiative. But rich results can also be an opportunity for website owners themselves, as they allow even those who are not considered leaders in their field, to take a place on the main stage in the zero results.

Therefore, as website owners, it is recommended that in 2021 you ensure the implementation of schemas and information built into the websites, make use of neat tables and access important information such as price, opening hours and more, to the world's largest search engine.

SEO through Influencers

Another way to increase the awareness of surfers for your brand, to directly increase the number of direct searches on the brand name, is to make use of influencers. Those people who have a very large number of followers on the various social networks in general and in the media in particular. Influencers will be able to help your promotion strategy through links to your site pages from sources of authority, through the flow of traffic from various social networks, and through increasing the interest of brand surfers that will be reflected in various configurations.

In 2021, if you want to help influencers to promote your site in the search engines, you will need to find factors that are considered a central focus that influences public opinion in your niche.

Measures of expertise, authority, and reliability

The term EAT - which refers to the acronym Expertise Authority Trust - is a basic concept in website promotion in recent years, and received significant reinforcement also in 2021. The idea behind these three sub-concepts is that Google was interested in ranking high sites that are experts in their field, considered authoritative and trusted. The reason for this is that Google wants to create a good user experience for the audience of users who use its search engine, and not send them to sites that could create some harm for them. In 2021, if you want to improve your EAT metrics, it will be important that you make the right adjustments: writing a quality about page, integrating recommendations on your website pages, thickening the review profile, scoring your credentials, combining quality images, links to relevant social and professional profiles and more.